What Does Financial Freedom

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What Does Financial Freedom


Money and Money Addressing Various Ways

What do you want from your money? whether education for children? or a larger place to live? or a new car? or for needs in old days later?

Ok, I mean money equals money. Surely better to have "enough" money, so no need to worry about uangkita not?. However defeinis of "enough" is very subjective and complex defined. "Enough" can not depend on how much or how little we have. We will always be enough money to adapt to the needs of our money, or otherwise adjust the money to our needs.

Many people said the money would not be able to make them happy, there's a lot of money afraid it will make the burden, fear thus will become greedy, afraid of losing, fear of parting with their money, and so forth. Many of the deficiencies is concerned. Most people are worried about the lack ;-)

Financial freedom is about our ability to overcome concerns about the money.

We will never feel about kuangan FREE: as long as we are still afraid, either a lot of money or less money, as long as we are ruled by money, as long as we are still working for money, enslaved by money, as long as we still feel the money more precious than ourselves, for we are forced to seek money, for we are afraid to spend money, as long as we feared getting a lot of money. Financial Freedom can not be purchased but can we have planned.

We'll have enough money, or a more than adequate, or more, when we recognize that we are far more valuable than money itself, we are more valuable than our own wealth - so we are not afraid of parting with them. When we are above them, then we can plan for it, arrange it so the money and property that works for us, make us more efficient, more meaningful.

Fear parting with money to make a plan:
- Similar to the failure of planning
- Same as plan failures

money we will be working for us, we will always have enough or more than enough, when we gave him ENERGY, time, and room for him to grow.

Of course a lot of way to make money work for us, in the form of investment can make a shop, sale and purchase, store it in the bank and flowering, time, vehicle rental, and many others.

Money is like a man, he would react the way we are treated. So do not ignore him, do not be afraid of him, do not waste your money, do not get a lot of money, do not also pretend not to need the money. When we treat them well, then he will be friendly, bloom, bear fruit and work for us.

So financial freedom mindset, as they say most people are about thoughts and our attitudes about money itself. About how we address the money.

Friend, How Your Financial Mindset?
Surely it is entirely your choice is very personal ;-)

Of course, like us (or me personally in particular) while saving money in the bank in a very safe course I still only use the money more or funds remaining, even more so for online investing is more risky, only with more money I have.

Obviously you also have the formula and personal considerations about money, I appreciate anything you these principles.

Thank you;)

Yours most successful success to any of your business today

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