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Max Brod Kafka gave the manuscript to his secretary, Esther Hoffe

Crate storage of goods at the Bank of Zurich, Switzerland, which is believed to contain a variety of texts and paintings by Franz Kafka will open.

This decision represents the most recent changes in the legal battles that have long held about the legal owner of these manuscripts.

Two sisters inherited the Israelis put forward their documents from their mothers, but Israel said that Kafka's heritage is the cultural heritage of the country.

Various archives around the world literary works reveal Kafka's manuscripts that have been hidden for decades that, at least must be published and can be viewed by the public.

Franz Kafka was one of the most mysterious authors in the 20th century.

He meningal world in 1924 because of tuberculosis disease in the age of 40 years and, if his last wishes granted, novels such as The Trial and The Castle will never be published.

Kafka once asked a friend who was fellow writer Max Brod, to burn the manuscripts that after he left the world. But Brod Kafka refused this request.

Instead he just published novels and carried the letters and other Kafka's writings on Israel and gave them to his secretary Esther Hoffe.

Hoffe then passed it to her two daughters.

During the past 50 years, the manuscripts were kept in a storage place valuables in a bank in Tel Aviv and Zurich

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