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Atlantica Online Game Overview
Atlantica Online is a 3D Fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG developed by NDoors Interactive.

Atlantica Online is set in an alternate history Earth, with the game map consisting of large parts of the northern hemisphere. The setting is fantasy-themed with elements of steampunk.

Atlantica Online features a persistent world populated by player-generated characters and NPCs. At character creation, a player selects one of seven basic classes and can then customize the character's appearance. Humans are the onnly playable race in Atlantica Online. The character's class decides what armor that character can wear and what weapons and skills that character can use in battle.

Atlantica Online players do not fight with the starting character alone. As the character levels up, they can acquire player-controlled mercenaries. During the mandatory tutorial section at the beginning of the game, a player chooses his/her first two mercenaries. As the character gains levels, they can control more mercenaries, up to the maximum of eight, which makes for a party of maximum size nine.

Atlantica Online characters can, in addition to their battle skills, pursue a number of different crafting abilities.

The Atlantica Online game design puts strong emphasis on the concept of guilds. Guilds can control the various towns on the game map. Strong guilds can found nations and wage war on another.

Battle in Atlantica Online is rather unusual for the genre as it turn-based. Representations of hostile parties wander around the landscape, if a player touches such a representation, his/her party and the enemy party are transferred to a separate battlefield and remain there until the battle is resolved.

Atlantica Online Character Classes
A player can choose from one of the seven basic weapons for his/her own character:

* Sword - The Swordsman has the best survivablity of all classes in Atlantica Online, which makes them the natural tank class. Their attack is rather strong, but it can only affect a single non-flying target in the front row, so they should not be solely relied upon for offense. The Swordsman magic skill is the Flame Sword, an attack that again only affects a single foe.

* Spear - The Spearman can attack a single non-flying foe in the front row. If there is another foe in the same column directly behind the target, that foe also receives damage, although less than the original target. The Spearman magic attack is a lightning spear which damages and slows down two foes in the same column. The Spearman has medium defense.

* Axe - The slow-moving Viking can attack a single target in the front row. If that target has one or two neighbours in the same row, then those also take some damage. This character has many hitpoints but low defense, especially versus magic. Their magic move can freeze foes for few turns.

* Bow - Despite bonuses to evasion, this character's low health make them unsuitable for the front line. They are a potent counter for enemy spellcasters though, as their powerful single-target attack can reach every foe, regardless of its position in the enemy ranks. Their magic move is Silence, which prevents foes from using magic for a two turns. Atlantica Online Image 2

* Gun - The Gunner wields a musket and carries rather low protection. The Gunner can damage an entire column of foes, with foes in the front absorbing taking most of the damage. A Gunner's magic move is a stronger version of the regular attack.

* Cannon - The Artilleryman is armed with a hand-held cannon. An Artilleryman's standard attack covers a cross-shaped area, although with a rather low attack power. The Artilleryman's magic move damages foes and reveals their remaining hitpoints for a few turns.

* Staff - The Shaman has both healing and damaging skills to support the party. Due to low health and defense, the Shaman is best placed away from the frontline.

Atlantica Online Mercenaries
Mercenary classes include all classes the player can choose, and more.

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* Sword - Swordsman, Exorcist, Lady Knight
* Staff - Shaman, Monk, Oracle, Witch, Princess
* Axe - Viking, Beast Trainer
* Spear - Spearman, Spartan
* Gun - Gunner, Inventor, Janissary
* Bow - Archer, Prophet
* Cannon - Artilleryman, Cannoneer

As with player characters, the weapon determines the basic attack. Additionally, the sub-classes differ in the distribution of attributes and available magic skills.

Atlantica Online Player versus Player ( PVP )
The game features several kinds of PvP combat:

* Challenge - You can challenge anyone to a duel.

* Free League - Organized leagues, scheduled throughout the day, with in-game money and item prizes to be won. For this type of PvP, a ladder is present and Fame can be earned to increase one's Rank.

* GvG - Guild versus Guild battles.

* NvN - Large-scale Nation versus Nation battles.

Atlantica Online Servers

* Olympia

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